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Cable Reeling Drum

Cable Drag Chains provides protection for power cables or hoses and support them for smooth easy movement on machine & avoid breakage of cables . Drag chains are for conveying cables, hoses for Air, Liquid & Gases are used for Horizontal, Vertical or in circular movement. Material of construction for Drag chain parts are M.S Galvanized Steel. Drag Chain are available in split or Un-split design in aluminum stay or M.S Tie Rod type.

Spring operated Cable Reeling Drums are used for power supply to cranes & magnets.
These reels wind & unwind cable on the drum in Horizontal & Vertical directions . The springs used in these drums are of High Quality Spring steel material (EN-42 J) Spirals spring type, for different cable size & length .The range of characteristic of spring, can be either single or in series / parallel spring. Spring Operated CRD are available in 3 Models.

Sprocket Driven Cable Reeling Drums are generally recommended to avoid tension on the cable & for better winding life of CRD. These drums are driven by means of Chain & Sprockets and are generally used for long travel & Vertical operation for lifting Magnets. Sprocket is mounted on Right hand shaft of CRD & Slip ring Assembly Box is Provided on Left hand shaft of CRD. Sprocket driven CRD are available in 3 Models. However can be supplied as per customers requirements