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D C Electromagnetic Brakes

Electromagnetic shoe brakes manufactured by Speed-O-Controls (SOC make) are suitable for mill duty application. Featuring ‘fail-to-safety’ designs, these brakes are actuated by energy that is stored in the compression spring. On energizing the DC magnet coil, the brakes are released when these are still ON.

D.C. Electromagnetic brakes are suitable to work on 220 volts D.C. supply for a wide range of drum sizes from 150mm to 600mm dia. Electro-magnetic brakes are used when a load must be stopped rapidly to prevent the load from rotating due to motor and load inertia at pre determined time or selected point of travel or to prevent over traveling.

Applications: Heavy Duty EOT Cranes, Hoists, Elevators, Conveyors, Travel & others. Widely demanded across the country, these brakes are generally used in steel mills, hoists and elevators. Some of the basic features of D C Electromagnetic Brakes are as follows: