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Safeline - V

Safeline V insulated conductor bar system are used for power transmission for mobile machinery. Current capacity ranges from 500 Amps to 2000 Amps rated at 100% duty cycle and 35°C ambient temperature with nominal voltage up to 600V. Insulated Conductor Bar provides safe and economical power for track guided mobile machinery.

Safeline V is a modern power supply systems which are using single pole insulated conductor bars. The applications of this system are Traveling cranes, Transfer trolleys and special application used for high energy consumption under difficult conditions. The conductor material is as follows:

  • Copper – 500 Amps, 800 Amps, 1000 Amps, 1250 Amps, 2000 Amps
  • Aluminum with S.S Strip – 500 Amps, 800 Amps, 1000 Amps, 1250 Amps

The Aluminum conductor bar is provided with proven and patented stainless steel contact surface. For high temperature conditions a high temperature insulation cover up to 115° C is available. The phase conductor covers are yellow colour and earth insulation cover is green. The spring loaded current collectors can be used for horizontal / vertical installation in single or double version. Installation of conductor bar system is simple and maintenance is confined to a routine check of collectors.